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Co-Parenting Apps Can Help Parents With Visitation


How Co-Parenting Apps Can Help Divorcing Parents Navigate Child Visitation 

Getting a divorce is often a difficult, stressful, and emotional experience, especially for couples with kids. At Kraayeveld Law, we often tell clients that it doesn’t necessarily have to require a long and contentious court battle. 

There are several legal tools that a Grand Rapids child visitation lawyer at our firm can help you use to resolve issues like custody, support, and visitation in an efficient and mutually respectful way. 

There are also some apps that can help ease scheduling and communication when it comes to visitation among parents, as points out. When combined with legal advice from an experienced family law attorney, these tech tools can smooth visitation issues by allowing parents to share information easily.


WeParent is specifically designed to allow parents to share custody schedules and family calendars so that both parents are up to date on appointments and events. It also gives parents the ability to communicate via secure messages and share photos and documents.

The app also allows parents to invite older children to share information about their calendars, schedules, and plans. 


This app, which a divorced couple created, similarly allows parents and children to communicate and share a wide range of information. It also gives parents the option to invite other parties, including grandparents and other family members, as well as therapists and mediators.

OurFamilyWizard also takes extra steps to encourage respectful dialogue between parents and others. The app’s ToneMeter is an optional tool designed to monitor communications and flag emotionally charged statements that may put a damper on effective information sharing.

Custody Connection

This app features a central calendar that is synchronized to a custody schedule. 

Custody Connection allows parents to make requests to trade visitation days and automatically updates the calendar when trade requests are accepted. That feature is designed to eliminate mistakes and misunderstandings.

How a Grand Rapids Child Visitation Lawyer Can Help

Regardless of whether you use these or other apps, child custody and visitation are often some of the most important – and, often, contentious – family law issues. It is vital that any parent considering a divorce or locked in a dispute about custody or visitation seek an experienced attorney’s advice.

Michigan judges typically consider several factors in determining custody and parenting time. The goal is to come to a solution that is in the best interest of the child. When one parent seeks to modify an order, he or she has to point to a change in circumstances that justifies the change. A seasoned attorney can make sure that your voice is heard in this process and work to resolve issues without lengthy and costly court battles.

The Grand Rapids family law attorneys at Kraayeveld Law help people efficiently untangle their marriages and resolve a wide range of related issues, including child custody and visitation. 

Call 616-285-0808 or contact us online to make an appointment to speak with a Grand Rapids child visitation lawyer about your situation.