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Parenting Time

When Parenting Time Orders Are Ignored 

If you have a court order giving you parenting time, you expect the other parent to comply with the judge’s order. Some parents refuse to abide by the judge’s order, and we often see that they do so without a good reason. For example:

  • When you were together, you took care of the children in the middle of the night when they were ill all the time. Now, suddenly they cannot come to your house when they have a cold.
  • If grandma has a birthday party this weekend, the other parent could have contacted you weeks in advance to exchange weekends, but instead, you received a phone call the morning of the party that parenting time is canceled.
  • If the other parent is upset about your parenting style, it could be discussed with you or a motion could be filed to address the problem, but instead, the other parent just refused to let the children come to your house.

Most heinously, we see an increase in false physical and sexual abuse allegations as a means to deny parenting time. Rightfully so, judges usually will suspend parenting time while Child Protective Services investigates the situation.

What Can You Do About the Denial of Parenting Time?

First, make sure that you document events leading up to the denial. Second, even if the other parent suggests that they will be denying parenting time, Friend of the Court requires you to make an actual pickup attempt if your order requires you to pick up. Third, you may file a notice with a Friend of the Court, and if it appears that the court order was violated, the Friend of the Court will pursue a Show Cause Order on your behalf.

If the other parent repeatedly violates a court order or for a long period, Kraayeveld Law attorneys can assist you with obtaining sanctions, makeup parenting time, and if necessary long-term relief.

When parenting time is denied repeatedly and without cause, the other parent may be alienating the child from you. If this has happened to you, you should take immediate action. Parental alienation usually does not resolve itself and a very aggressive, experienced, and hands-on approach is needed to stop the denials of parenting time and the alienating behavior.

The Grand Rapids visitation attorneys at Kraayeveld Law are experienced to aggressively pursue enforcement of your court order, and if necessary, request sanctions and appropriate changes to your court order. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case.