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What Does Your Relationship With Your In-Laws Mean for Your Marriage?


The saga of a UK woman who installed a gate on the side of her house to keep back an over-intrusive mother-in-law highlights the complicated role of relationships between spouses and each other’s parents. The anonymous woman recently won the backing of the internet masses after describing the situation on […]

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Help! My judge is biased…. What to do next


Judges are human. They have bad days like the rest of us. They make mistakes like the rest of us.  Bias is a whole different ball game than just a bad ruling. A biased judge consistently rules in one spouse’s favor: no matter the motion, no matter the evidence.  If […]

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Domestic Violence Cases on the Rise in Michigan

Domestic Violence

As Grand Rapids divorce lawyers with decades of combined experience, we see couples decide to split for a wide range of different reasons. Unfortunately, physical and emotional abuse by one spouse often underlies the decision.  Domestic violence cases are increasing across Michigan, according to new data from the state police. […]

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