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child support for special needs children

Child Support

Divorce with A Special Needs Child When parents of a special needs child separate or divorce, child support can be a complex issue. The cost of caring for a child with special needs is often higher than for a child with no disabilities due to medical expenses, therapy, specialized equipment, […]

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Division of Business Assets in a Michigan Divorce


When a marriage ends in divorce, one of the major issues that must be addressed is the property division, including any business interests. According to Michigan Divorce Law, Any time assets and debts must be divided, some discovery or exploring of the assets’ values must be done.  However, whether one […]

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What Does Your Relationship With Your In-Laws Mean for Your Marriage?


The saga of a UK woman who installed a gate on the side of her house to keep back an over-intrusive mother-in-law highlights the complicated role of relationships between spouses and each other’s parents. The anonymous woman recently won the backing of the internet masses after describing the situation on […]

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