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Brooke Johnston


Brooke plays chess, not checkers. In other words, Brooke’s style of legal advocacy focuses on crafting legal strategies that promote the long-term wellness of her clients. This starts by identifying with the client what their “big picture” goals are. Some clients want a divorce to proceed as quickly as possible, while others want to walk away from a marriage with specific assets regardless of how much time it takes. Some clients have a cordial relationship with their co-parent and merely need an attorney to draft a proposed negotiated parenting time agreement, while others are attempting to co-parent with a difficult personality who refuses to agree on even the most basic provisions. These contrasting situations require starkly different negotiation techniques and litigation strategies. Brooke leverages her knowledge of the legal system, as well as human behavior, to put her clients in the best position as they move forward. Brooke’s commitment to her client’s overall long-term wellness and legal positioning set her apart.

Brooke was raised in West Michigan. After graduating from Grant High School, Brooke attended Aquinas College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Marketing. Thereafter, Brooke attended Michigan State University College of Law on a full-tuition scholarship. While in law school, Brooke won the regional American Bar Association’s Negotiation Competition and received the Jurisprudence Achievement Award in Negotiation and Clinic.

As an attorney, Brooke’s calm temperament empowers her to maintain a strategic and analytical mindset while guiding clients through contentious divorce and child custody disputes. Despite this calm analytical exterior, Brooke is a passionate advocate who hates to lose. This has contributed to over 100 successful negotiations, multiple trial victories, and many clients whose lives are in a better position because Brooke was their lawyer.

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