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Grand Rapids Parental Alienation Attorney

If you have been dealing with Parental Alienation (PA) or sometimes called Hostile Aggressive Parenting (HAP), you will likely be reading the pages on our website with a lot of recognition. The themes in parental alienation cases are similar and recognizable. The particular facts may be different, but the intent of the alienating parent is always the same. The alienating parent has a baseless hatred for the targeted parent and expresses his or her hatred by eliminating the love and a relationship between their child and the target parent.

The alienating parent can express anger by making little snide comments, sharing adult information such as court proceedings, not allowing the child to express love towards the other parent, not allowing the child to keep things from the other parent, and denying parenting time for no good reason. If parental alienation is not stopped in its tracks, an alienating parent may escalate the narcissistic behavior to the point of making false physical or sexual abuse allegations. The attorneys at Kraayeveld Law can help put an end to the conflict. We will fight to protect your rights as a parent and preserve the relationship between you and your children.   

The Negative Effects of Parental Alienation 

The sad reality is that parental alienation will not fix itself or go away without intervention. What’s worse, children need the love and emotional support from both parents to become emotionally stable adults. Adults who were brainwashed as children never learn to make rational choices on their own. Research has shown that those children as adults are likely to experience serious psychiatric disorders, have poor social relationships, and may pass similar problems onto their children. For these reasons, it is imperative that an experienced Grand Rapids parental alienation attorney is consulted. 

What Kinds of Problems Do Targeted Parents Deal With?

Parental alienation cases are complex. The first enemy is time. Often, a lot of time passes by before the targeted parent realizes that this is not just your normal nasty divorce stuff. The second problem is to find competent, legal representation. Often clients reach our firm after having struggled through years of incompetent representation. Reasonableness and mediation are not key concepts that can be incorporated in a parental alienation case. Rather, the focus must be on compliance with the judge’s orders and sanctions for disobedience of court orders. Thirdly, research shows that alienating parents often suffer from additional mental health disorders. This often creates additional struggles during counseling sessions and legal proceedings. Lastly, family counselors usually focus on parents to cooperate; to co-parent. Families suffering through parental alienation deal with different dynamics, and often precious time is wasted before an appropriate counselor is court appointed.

Contact a Grand Rapids Parental Alienation Attorney Today to Discuss Your Options and Protect Your Rights

Because parental alienation cases are so complex and time-consuming, it is extremely important to retain competent counsel with extensive experience, specifically with parental alienation cases. If you would like to know more about our experience or would like to explore your rights and legal options, contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation with a Grand Rapids parental alienation attorney.