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Corinne M. Kraayeveld-Verwijs

Practice Manager

"Jim's experience and his paralegal, Corinne's, intelligent thoughtfulness, made all the difference to me, and ultimately to the well being of my daughter, who was being abused. If you want a chance at seeing your child more, or at all, trust Jim and Corinne to do what most other lawyers don't know how to do."

Corinne works at the firm as the practice manager. She has worked at Kraayeveld Law since 1993. The first two decades, Corinne worked at the firm as a paralegal. As the firm grew, Corinne transitioned to be the firm’s practice manager.

As the practice manager, Corinne works tirelessly to give clients an excellent experience with Kraayeveld Law. Corinne will often just pick up the phone and give a client a call to make sure that they are completely satisfied with the firm’s representation. Because Corinne assisted Kraayeveld Law’s clientele as a paralegal for two decades, Corinne is part of the legal team meetings as well and very familiar with legal procedure and a client’s case.

When clients are concerned about the progress in their case or their invoices, Corinne is the person to contact.  At Kraayeveld Law, we understand that you are likely in the biggest fight of your life. Sometimes clients become cases for attorneys and cases fall between the cracks of the attorney’s busy schedule. That is just not acceptable at Kraayeveld Law, and it’s Corinne’s job to avoid that!

On a personal level, Corinne grew up in the Netherlands where she studied pharmacology and worked in a pharmacy before immigrating to the United States. Corinne has four children, one teenager and three adults. She loves to travel, cook, and unlike Jim, the firm’s founder, she loves to hike.

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