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Child Support Payments During the Coronavirus

Michigan Child Support During the COVID-19 Outbreak

When Michigan parents divorce or separate, they each must financially support their children.  To determine each parent’s financial contribution, Michigan courts use a formula to determine the amount of child support to be paid. Our Grand Rapids child support lawyers are here to help and answer your questions. 

Will Child Support Orders Change During the Covid-19 outbreak?

In Michigan, child support is based on a parent’s ability to pay and the needs of the children.  During the Covid-19 outbreak, the needs of the children do not diminish, but many parents’ ability to pay child support may change.  When a parent’s income changes due to unemployment or decreased salary or hours, Michigan courts allow for child support to be modified, but this will not happen automatically and there are important steps you should take to protect yourself.

Steps to Take When Your Income Changes or You Face Financial Hardship as a Result of Shelter-in-Place

Most parents have a court order that utilizes the Friend of the Court’s assistance. When the Friend of the Court is involved in a case, each parent must notify the Friend of the Court and the other parent of any changes in income.

Notifying the Friend of the Court and the other parent of a change in income will not automatically change the amount of child support that is owed each month.  A parent must file a Motion to Amend Child Support with the court and the judge must order a change in child support.

Child support will not be amended retroactively if no motion is filed.  This means that if a parent waits several months with filing a motion to change child support, such a parent will continue owing the increased amount of support after the loss of employment and until the motion is filed.

Contact Kraaeyeveld Law Office to Speak with Child Support Attorneys with Your Coronavirus-Related Concerns

During the shelter-in-place order and the Covid-19 outbreak, local courts and Friend of the Court offices are closed for walk in visits and parents cannot go to the clerk’s office or Legal Assistance Center to obtain forms to file a Motion to Change Support or file the motion in person.  If you would like to speak to a Grand Rapids child support attorney how to have your child support order changed, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation. Call 616-285-0808 or tell us how to reach you and we will be in touch shortly. Our law firm is fully operational at this time.