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We are happy to share some reviews with you that our very happy clients posted on social media and review websites such as, and  We like to share these reviews with you because it makes us grateful to serve very satisfied clients.  Each time when we read a review, we are once again reminded of that moment when we could share with our client that they had won custody, that she could stay in her house and would receive spousal support, or that he did not have to pay her attorney fees.  That moment of relief… it’s what we work for every day and we love to hear about that.

Going through a divorce is not fun and is not easy. Jim was great at explaining everything up front and was very open and honest about what to expect. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Going through a stressful experience, it was great to have someone to lean on for advice and also for the help of getting through the process.


Very thorough and attentive 

Matt did a great job with my complicated, multi-state case. He was mainly involved with the issues of court jurisdiction. He was very knowledgeable, responsive, and I appreciated the attentiveness he gave my case. He was very good at looking at my case from all angles and revealing the potential possibilities/outcomes/pitfalls. I would highly recommend him to others and I would not hesitate to retain him again if I needed his legal advice and services.


Jim was exactly what I needed while going through my divorce. His knowledge, prompt returning of emails, truthfulness, and preparedness are second to none. Treats you & your case with respect. Jim always told me EXACTLY what I needed to do and what I could expect, Jim never minced words with me….everything a man needs when faced with divorce. I would recommend Jim to anyone looking for a lawyer who will fight for them and not back down. Top Notch Lawyer!!!


What I enjoyed most about Kraayeveld Law was the overall knowledge and passion they brought to our case. Courtney, Jim and Matt all conducted themselves in a highly ethical way. It was refreshing to see. They took time to research, gather evidence and cite laws prior to us going to trial.

What was the end result??? Our attorney Courtney Sierra went into trial and turned every one of their lies on them. She renewed my faith that court decisions can be decided based on facts and not lies. Thanks to her our son is home, and our parenting time restored.

We are so thankful to have Courtney as our attorney and we will NEVER retain services from anyone else. If you need legal services, and have all but lost hope in the legal system CALL Kraayeveld Law!!!

Thank you again Courtney, Jim and Matt. Every lawyer should aspire to operate with your level of passion, expertise and ethics. You are the great lawyers we far too often never hear about.


Matt took over my divorce at a point where he was basically ‘thrown under the bus’. Due to my original lawyer’s inability to do her job, I had to fire her weeks before it was supposed to go to court. Matt not only was willing to step in and help me, he did a spectacular job! His representation was professional and timely, despite the limited time, and his work was thorough and competent! I would recommend him to anyone other any of my future wives! I wouldn’t want to have to go against him!


Kraayeveld Family Law has really helped me feel relaxed with the whole process of my legal action. They have proven to be thorough, communicative, and efficient. Much appreciated!


Courtney Sierra puts her heart into her cases and takes the time to know the facts, review all your documents, and understand all the elements involved. She is intelligent, sharp, trustworthy, and honest. She is the ideal attorney you want representing you. All the attorneys and staff at Kraayeveld Family Law seem to share Courtney’s focus, drive, and ethics in family law, making the firm a great team to have supporting you in your case. I highly recommend Courtney Sierra and Kraayeveld Family Law.


Jim’s experience and his paralegal, Corinne’s, intelligent thoughtfulness, made all the difference to me, and ultimately to the well being of my daughter, who was being abused.  If you want a chance at seeing your child more, or at all, trust Jim and Corinne to do what most other lawyers don’t know how to do. Namely, bring the truth to light, and save your child. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results that Jim and Corinne were able to accomplish. I would recommend them to, and above, any other attorney.