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Family Law Matters During the Coronavirus


For the safety of our clients and staff and to comply with the governor’s executive order, our physical office is closed.  Our team is healthy, and we are all working remotely.  Thankfully, through the years, we have always invested in the latest technology allowing us to securely work from home without any interruption in service.  Our Grand Rapids family lawyers’ ability to work remotely has been in place for several years avoiding hurried changes in software or hardware. Instead, we are continuing to provide the same service, work product and security for our clients’ divorce and family law needs.

How Our Grand Rapids Family Law Firm is Prepared to Serve Clients Without Interruption 

Our attorneys’ commitment to serve our clients remains the same.  Our ability to provide excellent service remains the same. Our clients should not notice many changes.  Our clients will not notice any difference regarding incoming and outgoing mail or electronic mail.  Documents were previously uploaded to our secure client portal, and this will remain the same.

What Has Changed as a Result of the Coronavirus & Shelter-In-Place?


Meetings with clients will be conducted via video feed or via telephone call.  If you or your attorney would like to meet with a video conference call, your family law attorney will send you a link with directions how to accept the video call via Teams or Zoom.


Because we are all working full time, but just remotely, we expect to answer each client’s calls like we always have done.  Our policy has been for our Grand Rapids family lawyers to respond to a client’s phone call within 24 hours, and if they are in trial and unavailable for a longer period, a team member will let the client know.  That policy will not change.  We will continue our tradition of great service even during this outbreak. 

Document Signing.

Most documents can be signed with an e-signature.  Your attorney will send you the documents via email with directions for you to sign online.  If you are unable or uncomfortable signing online documents, we will accommodate you and send the documents to you via first class mail.

Court Filings.

Local courts are closed for walk in business. However, courts will accept mailed documents or e-filed documents. 

Court Hearings.

Each court and many judges have created policies what will happen with court hearings.  Some hearings are postponed, some hearings will be heard via video feed or telephone, many issues will be decided based on our written pleadings.  Our family law firm has always focused on providing judges with clear and compelling written arguments, and we will continue to provide the best written arguments for our clients.  If you have a hearing scheduled or when you receive a notice to appear, check with your attorney how the judge will decide that issue.

Child Custody and Other Parenting Issues

The Coronavirus has impacted a host of family law issues for Michigan families. Our divorce and family attorneys are here to help you with your:

If You Have Any Questions, Please Call Our Grand Rapids Family Lawyers Today

We understand your uncertainty and questions.  Please call us at 616-285-0808 with your questions or contact us online.  Our Grand Rapids family lawyers want to help where we can. We want to alleviate your stress and help you through your divorce, child custody or other family law problem. We can do this together!