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Should I settle my case? Of course, you should! Unless you like spending money on attorney fees, settlement should be considered.

Will My Case Settle?

That really depends on a lot of factors.

Because statistically less than 5% of the cases go to trial, the reality is that your case will likely settle. So, let’s just talk settlement.


Before we talk settlement, let’s consider litigation. During settlement negotiations, you’ll still use the same principles, same Michigan law, and the same terminology as is used during litigation. So often you cannot agree to whatever you feel like.

When your attorney has the reputation and experience to take your case to trial, the chances that you will be bullied into settlement are not a concern.

You also have to consider litigation because sometimes it can’t be avoided. Settlement only works if both of you want to settle. Something could happen while the child is in the other parent’s care, and you have no other choice. As you probably realized at this point, surprises happen, and you should be prepared for litigation if it’s necessary.

Clients ask us if we are aggressive attorneys or more the cooperative type. If we have to choose, we’d say we approach cases aggressively. But that doesn’t paint a complete picture. There’s no reason for the black and white approach.  We have the experience to take your case to trial; and we are successful enough that we do not have to take your case to trial.

At Kraayeveld Law, our clients are part of our team. During the interview with our clients, we discuss your recent history. Together with our clients, we determine a plan of action; including the option of settlement.

If you are interested to talk with our attorneys about the Kraayeveld Law approach, please give us a call at 616-285-0808.