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Child Support Modification

Grand Rapids Child Support Lawyers for Support Modifications

After the divorce or custody order is finalized, life changes; sometimes quickly.  Parents start a new relationship, have a baby, obtain employment for the first time or receive a promotion.  Daycare is started or changed. Each of these changes could impact child support.  The child support order will remain the same despite such changes in circumstances – unless a parent takes appropriate action to seek a modification in court.

In Michigan, the grounds for seeking a modification of child support are limited. A Grand Rapids child support attorney can help you determine whether you have grounds, and if so, the Kraayeveld Law attorneys can assist you with obtaining a modification. To request a modification of child support, you must be able to demonstrate that there has been a “change of circumstances.” In most cases, this means a change in the payor’s income. If you are receiving child support and your former spouse is earning significantly more than he or she was at the time of your last child support order, then our attorneys may be able to help you file a petition for modification to increase your child support payments.

3 Methods for Changing Child Support in Michigan

If you are entitled to amend child support payments from the other parent, your request for modification will likely be resolved in one of three ways:

1. Stipulation to Modify Child Support

The first option is a stipulation. If the other parent acknowledges the change in his or her income, and if he or she is willing to renegotiate your child support order in accordance with Michigan’s child support formula, then you may be able to modify your child support payments fairly easily. Once you and the other parent agree on a revised payment amount, you can then submit the terms of your stipulation to the court for approval.

2. Friend of the Court

If the other parent is unwilling to consider a stipulation, then you may contact the Friend of the Court to report the change in circumstances.  Although the Friend of the Court will assist with a child support review, the process is usually quite slow.  During the months of delay, the child support will remain at the previously ordered child support amount.   

3. Motion

If you need an immediate modification of your child support amount or your situation is complicated due to self-employment, non-regular wages, or extraordinary circumstances, filing a motion with the court is your best option.  The court will first determine if you established a change in circumstances or proper cause.  If a change in circumstances occurred or a proper cause exists, the court will conduct a hearing to determine the correct amount of support.

At Kraayeveld Law, we fight aggressively to enforce our clients’ legal rights, and we have significant experience representing parents in child support modification matters. To discuss your request for modification in confidence, schedule a confidential initial consultation with our Grand Rapids child support attorneys today.

Request a Confidential Initial Consultation at Kraayeveld Law

With offices in Grand Rapids, our attorneys represent former spouses in child support modification proceedings throughout West Michigan. We can determine if you are eligible to request a modification and, if you are, we can take all legal action necessary to modify your existing child support order. For more information, please call 616-285-0808 or contact us online. We look forward to speaking with you soon.