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Welcome to Woodruff Penfold III


Our PAWS puppy

Our firm is excited to announce the addition of a new firm member.  Woodruff, who sometimes goes by Woody, but when he’s too aggressively pursuing his interests is called Woodruff Penfold, III.  We have been blessed and as a firm wanted to give back to our community and decided to train Woodruff, our PAWS puppy.

Paws with a Cause, located in Wayland, Michigan, provides people with disabilities with custom trained assistance dogs.  For approximately 14 months, the pup resides with a family or business to learn basic good manners.  Woodruff joined the Kraayeveld Law family and hangs out with us each day.  After his time with our firm, Woodruff will stay in one of the prisons in Michigan to further mature, after which he will return to the PAWS facility to receive his specialized training.

We expect great things from Woodruff, including some court visits, loving assistance when we strategize on behalf of our clients, and if all fails, we expect him to bring some comfort and joy to our visiting clients.

For his first week at the firm, Woodruff already put down some great not-so-legal victories:  he managed his bathroom breaks outside and has not chewed any of our client’s legal pleadings to pieces.

We look forward to you visiting our firm and seeing Woodruff!