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Supreme Court Rules Cell Phones Must be Allowed in Court


Yesterday, January 8, 2020, the Michigan Supreme Court adopted an amendment to the Michigan Court Rules explicitly allowing the public to bring and use cell phones in the courthouse and courtrooms as long as the phone is set to silent.   The Supreme Court’s news release sums up the changes.  There […]

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Will I Lose the House in My Divorce?


The House is Titled in My Spouse’s Name. Will I Lose it When We Divorce? It’s common knowledge that when someone purchases a home, they go to the title company, sign documents, and the new homeowners receive a title that shows that they are the rightful owners to the home.  […]

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Help! Things to Do in West Michigan this Christmas Break.


Every parent could use some inspiration what to do with the kids this Christmas break, and we’re here to help with our top suggestions! Let’s start the Christmas spirit with an early afternoon at the Critter Barn to see their live nativity.   It’s free although they accept donations. Or, if […]

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How to Survive the Holidays Without Kids.

Parental Alienation

Maybe this is your first year after your separation and you are alone for some or all of the holidays. Maybe this is a repeat event, and you are getting pretty tired of missing one of the most joyous days and experiencing one of the most painful days.  How can […]

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