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Author: Kendra J. Ortega

What to Consider When Separating or Divorcing an Alcoholic

BY IN General

During our decades of representing spouses and parents in their divorces and custody cases, our lawyers have learned that alcohol abuse often is a factor for the breakup of the relationship. This is perhaps not a surprise, as reports that an estimated 6.6 million children live in homes with […]

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Will I Lose the House in My Divorce?

BY IN Divorce

The House is Titled in My Spouse’s Name. Will I Lose it When We Divorce? It’s common knowledge that when someone purchases a home, they go to the title company, sign documents, and the new homeowners receive a title that shows that they are the rightful owners to the home.  […]

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The Price of SnapChat

BY IN Custody

The Michigan Court of Appeals issued an interesting opinion yesterday.  As you may know, the Court of Appeals reviews a lower court’s ruling to determine whether the judge followed Michigan law.   At the trial level, one judge rules on the matter; at the Court of Appeals level, three judges review […]

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