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$258K Per Month in Child Support? Pistons Star Refutes Report

Child Support

In Michigan, child support orders are often set based on several factors that include the child’s needs and parents’ ability to pay. Although Detroit Pistons star Blake Griffin makes roughly $35 million a year, he has poured cold water on claims he’s shelling out $258,000 per month in child support. Sports blog recently ran down how the news of the disputed child support payments spread.

RadarOnline reported in 2018 that Griffin was ordered by a judge in Los Angeles to pay child support to Brynn Cameron, his ex-fiancee. The celebrity gossip blog said Griffin and Cameron had two small children when they decided not to marry and instead go their separate ways, reportedly because Griffin had started dating celebrity influencer, Kendall Jenner.

RadarOnline said Griffin and Cameron were awarded joint physical and legal custody of the kids, who live in California. The blog reported that Griffin was ordered to pay $258,000 per month in child support, which would be more than $3 million per year.

As points out, however, Griffin and Cameron have refuted the report.

“The recent reports of the financial details of the child support agreement between Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron are inaccurate,” representatives for the former couple said in a statement. “Both sides have settled amicably and are moving forward with co-parenting their two children. Due to the confidential nature of the agreement, no further details will be released.”

How Child Support Is Calculated in Michigan

Child support is generally designed to ensure that kids’ basic needs are met by their parents.

In Michigan. Child support payments are set based on a formula that accounts for the child’s need and the parents’ ability to pay. Often, however, a wide range of variables can lead to a broad array of child support orders.

Parents who are involved in a child custody case should not go it alone. It is vital to show up to your hearing prepared. That means developing a detailed breakdown of your income and assets – and those of the other parent – as well as an analysis of child-related expenses.

A Grand Rapids family lawyer at Kraayeveld Law will help you get the information and documentation you need to be prepared for your hearing. The attorney will also use forensic, discovery and investigative tactics to ensure that you have all information available to you  about the other parent’s financial situation.

Our attorneys can additionally assist with efforts to modify an existing child support award. A parent seeking a modification must show that there has been a substantial change in circumstances warranting the modification.

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