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Woodruff, the Legal Lab

BY IN General

Woodruff has been hanging out at our firm for a month.  His ability to assist in our legal research is still very limited, but he’s learned some other stuff, so we’re proud of him.  Woodruff learned to tackle our stairs to the attorneys’ offices.  It required dozens of treats to […]

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Back to School Problems

BY IN Custody

So much in life is about expectations. We become angry when our expectations aren’t met.  When parents live separated, they usually develop different routines, different lifestyles, and when confronted with the other parent’s differences, frustrations abound.  We’ve listed some of the conflicts we repeatedly saw last school year and what […]

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Divorce Support Groups

BY IN Divorce

It’s that time of year again: the first day of school for kids; sports teams meet again; book clubs meet again; and we are reminded again that structure and routine has its benefits. After a divorce, the structure and routine are destroyed.  In the past, mom fixed the lunches in […]

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