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Michigan Child Snatch and Run Highlights How Not to Handle Custody Disputes


At Kraayeveld Law, our Grand Rapids child custody attorneys advise parents in child custody and a wide range of related family law matters. Our team has seen just how contentious these matters can get when one or both parents refuse to take a collaborative approach to resolving these cases.

The recent arrest of three people accused of breaking into a home and snatching up a young boy is an unfortunate example of just how bad it can get.

Three people were arrested in Port Huron in July for a home invasion that local police officers say stemmed from a custody dispute over a two-year-old boy. The suspects – the boy’s mother and two men – allegedly broke into a home, assaulted a man inside, grabbed his son and fled the scene, according to the Times Herald.

The group was apprehended about 15 miles away and the boy was returned to his father. The threesome was charged with various criminal offenses, including breaking and entering.

A Better Approach to Child Custody Disputes

The good news for parents grappling with child custody issues in Michigan is that there is a better way to resolve these matters. Although child custody cases can be contentious and emotionally fraught, parents that can agree on a custody and visitation plan can often resolve these matters efficiently and effectively.

When parents cannot come to an agreement on custody and visitation, it is ultimately up to a judge to decide. Michigan courts look at a number of factors to determine what kind of custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child. Those factors include each parents’ relationship with the child, capacity to care for the child, and willingness to foster a close relationship between the child and the other parent, as well as the child’s “reasonable preference,” among others.

Even if you think the other parent will reject your offer to negotiate a solution, it is vital to make a real effort at collaboration. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, those efforts can be documented and will benefit you when the case goes to a judge. Similarly, you should consider any and all offers from the other parent to settle the case. Although a settlement may not get you 100% of the custody arrangement you are seeking, it is often better than waging a costly and time-consuming court battle.

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