Should I Settle My Case Or Go To Court?

The emotions involved in a child custody or divorce case lead many people into costly, protracted and unpredictable court battles. Unfortunately, a trial is not always in the best interests of either side.

At Kraayeveld Law Offices, P.C., our attorneys prepare each case for trial. Our experience in trying cases gives us the confidence of knowing that we can put you in the strongest possible position if your case goes to trial. However, our first choice is to reach a settlement out of court by negotiating with the other side. By doing so, we can give you the greatest possible control over the outcome.

Keeping You In Control

There are many reasons why an out-of-court settlement may be in your best interests:

  • You can avoid the public disclosures of a court trial.
  • You can control what financial information is disclosed in court.
  • Negotiating with the other side allows you to shape the terms of your settlement. Once you go to trial, your case is in the judge's hands.
  • Negotiated settlements are less expensive and less time-consuming than court trials.
  • The adversarial nature of a trial can do lasting harm to children and affect their relationships both with you and with the other parent.

The best way to achieve a favorable settlement, however, is by showing the other side you are prepared and willing to try the case. Lawyers who carefully prepare for trial find the other side more willing to negotiate.

Sometimes trials are necessary if the other side is unreasonable. Our lawyers are skilled, aggressive litigators who will take your case as far as it needs to go to obtain the outcome you need.

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