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Kitchen Table Negotiations

Settlement decisions that may alter the rest of your life should not be made when you are stressed and without knowing the consequences of the decision. If you don’t know Michigan law, you do not know the consequences of your settlement offers or acceptance.  That’s where we come in and give you the necessary tools.

So, you’ve landed on this page, and you may be convinced that you can settle your case. That’s certainly a great attitude, and if you have children, that cooperative attitude will allow you to co-parent under difficult circumstances. If you need to resolve financial terms, cooperation will save you a bundle on attorney fees.

To informally talk with the other party (we usually call that “kitchen table negotiations”) has a lot of benefits. For starters, you control the outcome of your case. You are in the driver’s seat whether you want to agree to something or not. Informal negotiations allow you to reach an agreement that works for you. At Kraayeveld Law, we’ve conducted so many trials where the judge would enter an order with terms that neither party wanted. The settlement allows you to work out the minutest details.

If you have children together, being able to negotiate an agreement sets a great tone of cooperation for your future as co-parents.  Children can only benefit from co-parenting.

One of the Main Benefits of Kitchen Table Negotiations is the Minimal Cost Involved.

If all of this sounds great so far, there are a few cautions. Divorce and disputes about children are legal proceedings. An agreement that sounds good to you may not be acceptable to the judge, or even worse, could be set aside years later because it did not comply with Michigan law. Without a doubt, fixing badly drafted orders or judgments is sometimes impossible and nearly always expensive.

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