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Grand Rapids Uncontested Divorce Attorney

For spouses who are willing to work together, an uncontested divorce can be the path of least resistance to ending a marriage and starting a new life. Under the right circumstances, an uncontested divorce can be an amicable and cost-effective solution. However, due to the variety of issues involved and the long-term implications of obtaining a final divorce judgment, it is still important for you to have experienced legal representation via a Grand Rapids uncontested divorce attorney.

Our divorce lawyers have been representing spouses in uncontested divorces in Grand Rapids, Michigan for more than 20 years. While uncontested divorces can be simple, they can also lead to problems and confrontations if not handled appropriately. We work closely with our clients to help them make smart decisions and navigate the process as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Our Grand Rapids uncontested divorce attorneys also help them understand when an uncontested divorce may no longer be their best option.

Experienced and Personalized Legal Representation in Uncontested Divorces

Although an uncontested divorce eliminates many court hearings, it is still a legal process with life-changing implications. To make sure you address all of the relevant issues and comply with Michigan law, it is important to have an experienced Grand Rapids uncontested divorce attorney by your side. Without an attorney, you run the risk of unnecessarily extending the time it takes to finalize your divorce, overlooking important issues and reaching a settlement that does not serve your best interests or the best interests of your children.

An uncontested divorce culminates with the execution of a Judgment of Divorce. This is a binding contract that addresses all of the issues involved in the spouses’ divorce, including:

A Judgment of Divorce can also act as a roadmap for managing interactions and disputes with your former spouse after your divorce. Judgments of Divorce are subject to court approval and our attorneys can work with you to ensure that your Judgment serves your needs while also satisfying the necessary legal requirements. We offer a number of service levels for uncontested divorces, including flat fee options, so you can choose the level of service that fits your needs and budget.

Michigan’s Waiting Periods for Divorces

In Michigan, all uncontested divorces are subject to a waiting period. For couples without children, the waiting period is 60 days from the date one spouse files for divorce. For couples with children, the waiting period is 180 days. If you and your spouse are able to come to terms before the waiting period expires, our attorneys can take the steps necessary to ensure that the terms of your settlement will be enforced as agreed.

Questions? Schedule an Appointment with a Grand Rapids Uncontested Divorce Attorney to Discuss Your Case

If you are thinking about ending your marriage and would like more information about the uncontested divorce process, we encourage you to contact Kraayeveld Law Offices. To schedule a confidential appointment with a Grand Rapids uncontested divorce attorney, please call (616) 285-0808 or inquire online today.