Do You Need To Change Child Custody Or Support?

Changes in familial situations are inevitable. Whether a job status changes or a family must move, revisiting and modifying existing family court orders may be necessary. We offer guidance resolving post-judgment modifications in Grand Rapids and western Michigan. Our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined legal experience and have earned the distinction as a Domestic Relations Mediator. We are skilled advocates for our clients and work to resolve family law disputes.

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Our experienced lawyers are able to provide clients with personalized representation and fierce advocacy to ensure clients' rights are protected in post-judgment disputes. We handle cases involving various post-judgment issues such as the following:

  • Modification of child support: A change of circumstances such as loss of a job, realizing new income or promotion may require a change in child support orders.
  • Modification of custody: Numerous factors may require the court to reevaluate custody decisions and potentially change custody.
  • Modification of parenting time: Parenting time may necessitate an increase or decrease when children mature, a parent's work schedule changes or his or her ability to care for the child changes.
  • Moving out of state: If a parent chooses to move out of state or more than 100 miles from his or her current location, court permission is required; if permission is granted, joint custody, parenting time and other concerns may need to be addressed.
  • Modification of spousal support: Once an individual returns to the workforce, or has an increase in income or a significant decrease in income, alimony/spousal support may require increase or reduction.
  • Modification of property division and divorce decrees: Full disclosure is necessary when resolving marital division of assets; if an individual fraudulently fails to disclose certain separate or marital assets, the divorce judgment may be reevaluated by a judge to ensure fair property division.

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