Will Alimony Be A Part Of Your Divorce

In many divorce proceedings, the financial stability of one of the parties may be a concern. It may be necessary to obtain spousal support or challenge spousal support requests from the other party.

We have years of family law experience and understanding of alimony laws. We inform our clients of their rights and work to resolve legal actions involving spousal support. Our experienced attorneys provide straightforward advice and answers to clients regarding spousal support and spousal support modifications. Call 616-426-9644 to speak with a skilled Grand Rapids family law attorney.

Grand Rapids Spousal Support Attorney

In Michigan, no one is automatically entitled to alimony or spousal support. Unless voluntarily agreed upon, a judge will determine if alimony or spousal support is necessary. Proper discovery and preparation are the keys to presenting the best case a client can put forward.

Some factors a judge may consider when determining whether to award alimony or spousal support are the following:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Age and health of the parties
  • Contribution to the marriage
  • Past relations and conduct of the parties (fault)
  • Ability of each party to work and their respective incomes
  • Ability of a party to pay spousal support
  • Need for support
  • Source and allocation of marital assets in property division
  • Marital standard of living
  • Present situation of the parties
  • Prior standard of living of the parties
  • Whether either is responsible for the support of others
  • Educational level of the person claiming spousal support

Our spousal support lawyers work with rehabilitation experts in cases where one spouse has been a homemaker for a significant amount of time and needs to be retrained to enter the workforce. Temporary or short-term support may be necessary for rehabilitation purposes; permanent support may be ordered in some unusual cases.

Experience is essential to handle spousal support issues effectively. We focus extensively on pursuing clients' family law interests. We are familiar with the family court judges and are often able to anticipate a judge's response to spousal support/alimony actions. Therefore, we are able to alleviate uncertainty and better prepare your case.

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