A Lawyer Who Can Help Find Hidden Assets

Spouses often share the financial duties involved in a marriage, from paying routine bills to controlling large investments or running a business. The division of roles is disproportionate in some cases, and one spouse may not know the value of particular assets or may not be familiar with the couple's complete financial picture.

There are some spouses who will go as far as actively hiding assets over several years in preparation for divorce.

At Kraayeveld Law Offices, P.C., in Grand Rapids, our lawyers are well-aware of the need for a comprehensive understanding of exactly what assets and liabilities you and your spouse own jointly and separately and how to find assets. With this knowledge, we can protect your financial interests and help you obtain the assets to which you are entitled.

Uncovering Hidden Assets

Michigan law provides many powerful tools available through the discovery process. Our divorce attorney can utilize these tools to help uncover instances in which income or other assets may have been undervalued, undisclosed or overlooked, or deliberately hidden by your spouse. We will also consult experts such as forensic accountants when necessary.

Listed below are only some examples of potential hidden income or property:

  • Inaccurate reporting of income associated with a business
  • Transferring property into another family member's name
  • Inaccurate assessment of commingled separate and marital property
  • Deposits made into undisclosed bank accounts
  • Deferred compensation that is not included on the most recent tax return
  • Nonmonetary employment perks
  • Health savings account balances
  • Offshore trust accounts
  • Season tickets, club memberships, mileage accounts or affinity points programs

In some instances, it may be appropriate or necessary to seek a financial restraining order. This order prohibits the transfer or wasting of marital property, the closing of financial accounts and other activity that could diminish the marital estate while the divorce is pending.

Protect Your Marital Property Rights With Our Help

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