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Kendra J. Ortega


Kendra is an excellent lawyer. She is very helpful and all around great to work with.

Kendra has a passion for helping families through difficult times.  Prior to her legal career, she worked with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.  She was able to gain the compassion and knowledge to help families navigate through a complex system in times of need.  Now, she guides clients through a different, yet still complex system - family court. 

While working for MDHHS Kendra was stationed in an elementary school.  The families there became “her families” and she took great pride in the simple task of greeting the students at the door every morning with a big smile and a high-five. Kendra believes it is imperative that every child and family she works with knows their worth.

Kendra was born and raised in the Grand Rapids area.  As an only child she developed an ability to keep herself entertained. She’d put on theater, music, and dance shows in her backyard where neighbors came to enjoy the show; at least until the batteries in her beloved “boombox” would lose their charge. Kendra’s love for theater and public speaking has served her well as an attorney as she advocates for her clients in court.

After completing her undergraduate degree in one of her two loves, music, Kendra went on to attend WMU Thomas M. Cooley Law School and graduated magna cum laude to practice her second love, law.  Her first goal was to find a place where she could work with colleagues who would share her love for parents and children in need and where the team would value a superior knowledge of Michigan law. Kendra found that right away with the Kraayeveld Law team.  Here, the attorneys work as a team to passionately represent clients at all stages of divorce and custody litigation.

In her free time, Kendra enjoys spending family time with her husband and their two daughters, and her English Bulldog – Sir Howard the Magnifico – affectionately known as “Howie.”

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