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Set Up a Confidential Consultation With a Top Caledonia Family Lawyer 

At Kraayeveld Family Law, our Caledonia family law attorneys are standing by, ready to protect your rights and your interests. We are a tenacious family law firm that is dedicated to securing the rights and the future of our clients. If you have questions about a family law dispute in Kent County, please do not hesitate to contact us for a strictly confidential, no obligation consultation. 

Family Law: Defined

What is family law? Broadly speaking, family law is a legal practice area that is focused on matters related to family relationships. It includes everything from marriage to divorce to child custody to the adoption process. For the most part, family law is governed at the state level instead of the federal level. Michigan has laws and legal mechanisms in place for resolving familial disputes. 

We Handle All Types of Family Law Matters in Caledonia, MI

Kraayeveld Family Law is a law firm that specializes in family law matters. Our entire legal practice is devoted to family law. We have earned a reputation as a trusted family law firm in Michigan. No matter the situation that you find yourself in, our Caledonia family lawyers are ready to help. Family issues that we have experience with include: 

  • Divorce: We take on all types of divorce cases in Caledonia—from mediation to negotiation of an uncontested divorce settlement to litigation in a high-conflict contested divorce. Our divorce lawyers are ready to fight to protect your rights every step of the way.  
  • Property Division: Asset and debt division can be contentious. We have extensive experience handling complex property division cases. Our Caledonia family lawyers will protect your rights under Michigan’s equitable distribution laws.  
  • Child Custody: For parents, the wellbeing of their children is paramount. Our Caledonia child custody experts are committed to helping you establish parenting plans and custody arrangements that serve the best interests of your children.
  • Child Support: We help in setting up, modifying, and enforcing child support orders, making certain that your children’s needs are met. Contact us now for help with a child support case. 
  • Prenuptial Agreements: Our Caledonia family law attorneys are proficient in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating agreements that uphold your interests. We also have the experience to litigate cases involving prenuptial agreements. 
  • Domestic Violence: Domestic violence can have major implications on family law rights. If you are a victim of domestic violence or wrongfully accused in Caledonia, it is vital to have a top legal advocate by your side. 
  • Family Law Appeals: If you believe that a court decision regarding your family law case was unjust, our adept lawyers can guide you through the intricate appeals process. We have the specialized expertise needed to handle family appellate law matters in Michigan.  


Our Family Attorneys are Aggressive and Focused On Results


Our family law firm is different. We understand that no one wants to end up locked in a drawn-out or high-conflict family law dispute. At the very same time, our Caledonia, MI family lawyers also know that your rights and your interests matter. You deserve the best outcome. Understanding that family law matters can be emotionally charged, we take an aggressive approach to cut through the noise and focus on what’s important. Our attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to results, ensures that we leave no stone unturned in advocating for your best interests. 


How Our Caledonia Family Lawyer Can Help 


Family law disputes can be overwhelming. It is normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Our founder and lead attorney James W. Kraayeveld is a Michigan family lawyer with more than 30 years of relevant experience. We are different. Our attorneys are tenacious. When you get in touch with our office, you will have an opportunity to consult with a Caledonia family law attorney who will: 


  • Hear what you have to say and answer your family law questions;
  • Help you gather and organize the documentation to need to support your case; and
  • Build a personalized legal strategy driven to get you the best possible outcome.  


Get Help From a Top Family Attorney in Caledonia, Michigan

At Kraayeveld Family Law, our Caledonia family lawyer provides exceptional, reliable legal representation to clients. We are tenacious and we are measured by our ability to get results. Reach out to us by phone or send us a direct message to set up your confidential initial family law appointment. We represent clients in Caledonia, Kent County, and all across the wider region.