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Set Up Your Confidential Consultation With a Top Rockford Child Custody Attorney

At Kraayeveld Family Law, our Rockford child custody lawyers represent parents with skills, experience, and passion. We are always prepared to put your parental rights first. Our family law team is tenacious and results-driven. Contact us today to arrange your strictly confidential, no obligation consultation with an experienced Rockford, MI child custody lawyer. 

We Handle All Types of Custody and Visitation Cases in Rockford, MI

With an exclusive focus on family law, our attorneys have experience taking on a wide range of child custody and child visitation cases in Michigan. No matter where you find yourself in a custody dispute in Rockford, we are more than ready to take action to protect your rights, your family, and your future. You deserve exceptional legal representation. Along with other types of child custody matters in Rockford, our Kent County family lawyers have experience with: 

    • Sole Custody Cases: Where one parent is fighting for the full legal and physical custody of the child.
    • Joint Custody Cases: Where both parents share legal and/or physical custody of the child.
    • Visitation Rights: We help non-custodial parents to obtain the right to visit their children or for the custodial parent to maintain the status quo or create an alternate visitation schedule.
    • Child Custody Modifications: Our law firm is experienced in assisting in the modification of existing custody and visitation agreements.
    • Parental Relocation: We handle cases where one parent wants to move with the child to a different geographical location.
    • Parental Alienation: In Michigan, parental alienation is the improper act of one party trying to turn a child against another parent. 

Your Guide to the Michigan Best Interests of the Child Standard

In Michigan, child custody decisions are based on what is in the best interests of the child (MCL § 722.23). It is a comprehensive legal standard. In effect, state law requires judges in Michigan to determine what is best for a child’s health, safety, well-being, and social development in custody and visitation cases. Some examples of the best interests of the child factors in Michigan include: 

    • The Relationship Between the Child and the Parents: The emotional bonds between the child and each parent, as well as any siblings.
    • The Capacity to Provide for Necessities: The capacity of parents to give the child love and guidance as well as the child’s basic needs such as food, clothing, and medical care.
    • Stability of Lifestyle and Home Environment: The permanence and stability of the family unit, and the continuity of a stable environment.
    • The Preference of the Child (Older and More Mature Children): Depending on age and maturity, the court may consider the child’s preference.
    • Parental Misconduct: Michigan courts can also consider there is any history of domestic violence in the family, substance abuse, or any other type of parental misconduct. 
    • The home, school, community record of the child: The court will review the child’s daycare or school attendance and accomplishments, the child’s home life and the child’s community record. 

We Provide Tenacious Child Custody Representation to Parents

Our family law firm is different. We understand that child custody cases can be emotionally taxing for you and your entire family. That is why we are dedicated to providing vigorous representation to parents in Rockford, MI. Our attorneys are not just legal advisors—we are your advocates each and every step of the way. Our Rockford family lawyers are tenacious, aggressive advocates for parents in child custody cases and child visitation cases. We will always put the time, resources, and personalized attention into your case to handle things the right way. 

How Our Rockford Child Custody Attorney Can Help 

Going through a child custody case is never easy. Founded by James W. Kraayeveld, Kraayeveld Family Law is a Michigan family law firm that has handled child custody cases for more than three decades. No matter what you are going through, we have experience and expertise that you can trust. Among other things, our Rockford child custody lawyer is ready to: 

  • Hear your story and answer questions about child custody in Michigan;
  • Help you gather and organize all supporting documentation; and
  • Develop a personalized strategy to protect your parental rights.  

Contact Our Rockford, MI Child Custody Lawyer for Legal Guidance and Support 

At Kraayeveld Family Law, our Rockford child custody attorneys represent parents with passion, tenacity, and the highest standards of professionalism. If you have any questions about a child custody case or a child visitation case, we are here as a legal resource. Contact us right away to arrange your strictly private, no obligation consultation. Our firm provides child custody representation to parents in Rockford, Kent County, and communities beyond.