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Our Michigan Divorce Attorneys Serve Clients Throughout Ottawa County

Getting a divorce is never a simple or routine matter. Undoing a marriage involves sorting out a number of legal and financial issues. And even when the parties agree the marriage is over, it can still take significant time to work out these important details.

Kraayeveld Family Law is a full-service Michigan divorce law firm providing assistance to clients in Jenison and throughout Georgetown Charter Township. We can guide you through each step of the process, explaining your rights and obligations along the way. We know this is a difficult time for you and your family. And while we cannot promise things will be easy, we can tell you from experience that you will get through this difficult period in your life.

How Divorce Works in Michigan’s Georgetown Charter Township

In Michigan, divorce cases are handled by the state’s Circuit Courts. Jenison is located within the 20th Circuit. In most cases, one or both spouses must be a Michigan resident for at least 180 days–and a resident of Ottawa County for at least 10 days–prior to the filing of a complaint for divorce in the 20th Circuit.

Michigan does not require either spouse to prove “fault” to obtain a divorce. In other words, you do not have to prove to the Circuit Court that your spouse did anything specific to cause the breakdown of your marriage, such as committing adultery. Instead, you can simply state there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Divorce can be contested or uncontested. In an uncontested divorce, the spouses have reached an agreement (through negotiation or mediation) as to the key issues involved, such as child custody, division of property, and alimony. The Circuit Court must still review and approve the agreed upon Judgment of Divorce, but this is often just a formality.

With a contested divorce, however, the judge will have to decide any issues that the parties could not resolve for themselves. Michigan law requires a court to make a fair–though not necessarily equal–division of any marital property. But when it comes to child support and child custody, the judge’s main role is determining what will be in the best interests of the child. And even after the Circuit Court enters a final judgment, either side may file an appeal if they are dissatisfied with any of the judge’s rulings.

Speak with a Jenison, Michigan, Divorce Attorney Today

Hiring an experienced Jenison divorce attorney does not mean you are looking to spend months or years battling your spouse in court. It simply means you are taking the matter seriously and seek to ensure your rights are respected during the process. If you have additional questions or concerns and would like to schedule a confidential consultation with an attorney at Kraayeveld Family Law, call us today at 615-285-0808 or connect with us online.