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We Help Families in Ottawa County With Divorce, Child Custody, and Other Family Law Matters

For many Hudsonville, Michigan, residents, their first meaningful interaction with the legal system is a divorce or child custody dispute. This prospect is often overwhelming. Nobody wants to air their family’s personal business in court. But sometimes it is necessary in order to resolve certain disputes, especially those that arise due to the breakdown of a marriage.

Kraayeveld Family Law is a team of experienced Hudsonville, Michigan, family law attorneys. We represent clients throughout Ottawa County who need legal advice and assistance during a difficult time in their lives. Whether you and your partner are looking to negotiate a separation agreement, or you must prepare for courtroom litigation, we offer a steady, guiding hand through the legal process. Our only goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Obtaining Justice for Families in Michigan’s Ottawa County

For Hudsonville residents, family law cases are heard by Michigan’s 20th Circuit Court, which has jurisdiction over all of Ottawa County. Among the types of cases we assist clients with:

  • Divorce: A divorce case may be contested or uncontested in Michigan. An uncontested divorce simply means the parties negotiate a voluntary separation agreement, which is then submitted to the Circuit Court for approval. In a contested divorce, any unresolved issues are tried and decided by a Circuit Court judge. If either spouse is dissatisfied with any of the judge’s rulings, they may pursue an appeal.
  • Child Custody and Child Support: While Michigan courts do encourage parents of minor children to reach an agreement with respect to custody and support, a judge must still review any agreement to ensure they meet the best interests of the child. In particular, a parent cannot waive their obligation to financially support their child even if the other parent agrees.
  • Post-Divorce Matters: Even after the Circuit Court formally dissolves a marriage, there may be circumstances that require the parties to return to court, such as one parent seeking permission to relocate with a minor child or enforcement of an unpaid spousal support obligation.

Contact Our Hudsonville Family Law Attorneys Today

A family law matter is not something you should treat as a “DIY” project. You need to follow a number of legal requirements even when you and your spouse or other parent are in broad agreement. This is where working with an experienced Hudsonville, Michigan, family law attorney is essential. We can explain the process to you, advise you of your rights under the law, and work to make sure the courts treat you fairly.

If you would like to speak with a family law attorney, call Kraayeveld Law Offices, P.C., today at 616-285-0808 or start a conversation with us online.