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Get Help From a Compassionate, Experienced Georgetown Family Lawyer 

At Kraayeveld Law Offices, P.C., our Georgetown family law attorneys are passionate, experienced, and justice-first advocates for our clients. While we know that most people desire low-conflict solutions to family law disputes, we are also fighters who are always ready to go the extra mile to protect your rights and interests. Give us a call now or contact us online to schedule a fully confidential, no commitment consultation with a top Michigan family lawyer. 

We Handle All Types of Family Law Cases in Georgetown, Michigan

Our exclusive focus is on family law. With decades of collective experience advocating for clients, our Georgetown family lawyers assist clients with the full spectrum of family law cases. Regardless of the specific situation that you are dealing with, we are more than ready to determine the best path forward. Along with family law matters, our Georgetown attorneys have experience with: 

  • Divorce: Divorce is hard. We are fighters who provide aggressive, results-driven legal representation in contested and uncontested divorce cases in Michigan. If you are getting ready to end a marriage, our Georgetown, MI divorce attorneys are here to help you navigate every step of the legal process. 
  • Asset Division: Many family law disputes are focused on financial interests. Dividing property is one of the most difficult parts of a divorce or separation. Michigan uses an equitable distribution standard for property division. Each spouse retains their separate property. Marital property is divided equitably, which means fairly but not always equally. 
  • Child Custody: We handle all types of child custody matters in Michigan. If you are going through a separation, a divorce, or you have any specific questions about enforcing or modifying an existing custody arrangement, our Georgetown family lawyers can help.  
  • Child Support: In Michigan, one parent may owe ongoing child support to the other. Our firm represents both obligors and obligees in child support cases. Whether you are negotiating an initial agreement or trying to collect on past due support, our Georgetown family lawyers are ready to protect your rights.  
  • Family Mediation: Many family law disputes are best resolved through a formal, non-adversarial process, such as mediation. Even high conflict cases may still be good candidates for mediation. Contact our Georgetown, MI family mediation lawyers for more information. 
  • Family Appeals: An unfavorable ruling in a family law case is stressful, frustrating, and disheartening—but it does not mean that you are without options. A family appeal may be warranted. With specialized appellate law expertise, our Georgetown family lawyers handle appeals throughout Michigan.  
  • Domestic Violence: Our family law firm handles complex domestic violence matters. We understand that these are deeply sensitive legal matters. No matter the specific situation that you are dealing with, our Georgetown family law attorneys will protect your rights, your safety, and help you get the best outcome. 

Our Attorneys are Fighters: Your Rights Matters

We are a family law firm that believes that every client deserves skilled, aggressive representation from their attorney. Well-positioned to serve Georgetown and the surrounding communities in Ottawa County, our lawyers are fighters. We have the skills, tenacity, and real world expertise to handle complex and high conflict family laws. From contested divorces to child custody disputes to domestic violence cases, our Georgetown family lawyers are ready to protect your rights. 

Why Rely On the Family Lawyers Kraayeveld Law Offices When it Matters

Family law disputes are highly personal. They should always be handled with the utmost care, sensitivity, and professionalism. We are a tenacious and justice-driven Michigan family law firm that fights to protect the rights of clients across the full range of complex and high-conflict cases. Our team is proactive. Among other things, our Georgetown family lawyers are ready to: 

  • Hear your story, explain your rights, and answer your questions;
  • Carefully gather all documents, records, and paperwork you need to proceed; 
  • Represent you in settlement negotiations; and
  • Fight to protect your rights and help you get the best results in your family case.   

Consult With Our Georgetown Family Law Attorneys for Immediate Legal Help 

At Kraayeveld Law Offices, P.C., our Georgetown family lawyers have the skills, expertise, and tenacity that you can trust. Contact our family law firm right away to set up your strictly private, no strings attached initial consultation. We provide results-driven family law guidance and advice to clients in Georgetown Township, Jenison, Rosewood, Hager Park, Riverview, Hudsonville, Ottawa County, and throughout all of West Michigan.