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Family law involves your children, your property and your financial situation. Whether you are ending your marriage or safeguarding your parental rights, the decisions you make now can affect you for the rest of your life. You can protect the things that you hold most dear and secure your future happiness by choosing the right family law attorneys.

Attorneys With The Experience To Win

While many lawyers handle family law cases, few have the experience to handle a contested case that may end up going to trial. Family law litigation is not something that any lawyer can get into, file a few motions and hope that everything will work out. Many clients have come to our firm after they have spent thousands of dollars filing legal motions with no end in sight. Our firm has had the privilege of receiving referrals from other attorneys, including some family law attorneys who feel that they do not have the required experience to handle a complex matter.

It is essential to have an effective case strategy in place based not only on the facts of your case but also the judge who will be hearing your case. No two judges are the same, and the approach that works for one may not be successful with another.

Our legal team has dozens of years of experience dealing with the most difficult family law cases in the Grand Rapids area. We understand how to deal with issues such as alienation by a custodial parent and false allegations of abuse. We know how judges have applied Michigan law in their courtrooms based on various fact patterns in the past.

Choosing an attorney is not a decision you should not make lightly. Here are some questions you should ask yourself first:

Starting With The Temporary Orders

Temporary orders can have effects that last throughout the proceedings and sometimes after your divorce is final. For example, a judge may view your temporary child custody and visitation order as the "status quo" and be hesitant to change it. As a result, having the right attorney advise you at the very beginning of your case when these orders are created is extremely important. An inexperienced lawyer can make mistakes that will be difficult if not impossible to correct later.

Temporary orders can affect:

  • Which parent will have primary legal and physical custody while the divorce is in process?
  • Who will live in the marital home?
  • Who will pay temporary child support and spousal support?
  • Who will pay for costs such as house payments, car payments and insurance?
  • Who will be responsible for paying marital debt?

Without temporary orders to protect you, a spouse can:

  • Spend thousands of dollars of marital assets on trips, new cars and other expenses
  • Incur debt on joint credit cards
  • Drain checking and savings accounts
  • Disparage you in front of the children, leading to parental alienation
  • Deprive you of your parental rights
  • Expose your children to a new boyfriend or girlfriend

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