Responding To Allegations Of Child Abuse In Divorce

There are few accusations more damaging or difficult to defend than allegations of physical or sexual abuse in a family law case. Sadly, such allegations are common in contested divorce and child custody cases. Even though the allegations are false, they can do real damage to your case and your reputation.

At Kraayeveld Law Offices, P.C., our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience dealing with issues such as parental alienation and false allegations of sexual abuse (SAID syndrome). We understand that these allegations need to be challenged promptly and effectively before they do real damage to your case and your reputation.

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Responding To Child Abuse Allegations

False allegations of sexual abuse happen fairly frequently in divorce and custody cases; the behavior has a name: the SAID syndrome, which stands for sexual allegations in divorce. A partner making these allegations may have a variety of reasons for doing so:

  • To gain the upper hand in a child custody or parenting time dispute
  • To deny parenting time for a period of time
  • To kick the other spouse out of the marital home
  • To get back at the spouse for the divorce

There are two types of child abuse: physical abuse and sexual abuse. Proving physical abuse usually requires evidence such as bruises or broken bones. However, it can be extremely hard to prove or disprove sexual abuse.

Simply the accusation of child sexual abuse can have the effect of intimidating the judge. Even without evidence, the judge may err on the side of caution and order the accused parent out of the marital home, suspend visitation, order supervised visitation or deprive the accused of his or her rights in other ways.

In the 1990s, our firm first successfully defended a parent who was falsely accused of sexual abuse of a child, which led to a change of custody in favor of the accused parent. Since then, we have tenaciously continued our representation of spouses and parents who are falsely accused of physical or sexual abuse, and we are ready as a team to tackle your case.

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