Grand Rapids Attorneys Who Stop Parental Alienation

The term "parental alienation syndrome" was coined by a forensic psychiatrist in the 1980s. Parental alienation syndrome is the brainwashing or programming of a child by one parent to denigrate and alienate the other parent and the child's willingness to contribute to it. There are various stages of severity. For example, in a mild case, a parent may call the other parent derogatory names. In a significant case, a parent may make a false allegation of sexual or physical abuse in order to deny parenting time.

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Parental alienation syndrome is the combination of parental programming and the child's contribution to vilifying the other parent. The campaign of alienation must also be unjustified in order to be considered parental alienation. Some of the symptoms of parental alienation are:

  • The child has the choice whether or not they wish to visit the other parent
  • The parent shares significant information about the divorce proceedings with the child, especially information such as child support arrearages, the reason for the breakup of the marriage, etc.
  • The child may not bring their personal property to the other parent's home
  • Refusing to allow the other parent access to school and medical records
  • The parent consciously or unconsciously suggests to the child that the child is not safe with the other parent, and thus, sends the child with a cellphone to visitation and requests phone calls frequently
  • Special codes to be used between parent and child while the child is with the other parent — "If you call and want to come say the following . . ."
  • Frequently and without just cause canceling parenting time because the child is ill
  • Allegations of verbal, physical and sexual abuse that are unfounded, and after investigation, the parent maintains the belief that it occurred

Cases involving parental alienation syndrome are often extremely difficult and complex. Judges are often conservative in their judgments or may underestimate the magnitude of the problem. Unfortunately, throughout the years, I have seen many parents act slowly in this regard, and sometimes parents act too late. Many parents visit several attorneys who are not qualified and have no experience in this arena and precious time is lost. Prompt and substantial intervention is key. If you are being unjustifiably alienated from your child following a divorce or separation, please contact our office immediately so that we can fight for you and your child's right to have a meaningful relationship with you. We can identify your rights and legal options and ensure that your interests are protected.

A final word to some parents on the other side of the spectrum. I have represented countless clients who have been falsely accused of alienating behavior. Invariably, when a parent appropriately protects his or her child, the other parent will argue parental alienation. This is a difficult balancing act for judges, psychologists and lawyers. I believe that my years of experience in this field, thorough review of a case and close relationships with experts lead me to sound and successful representation against false allegations of parental alienation syndrome.

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