Guiding Military Parents In Child Custody And Support Issues

A significant percentage of the men and women who currently serve in the military hold two titles: service member and parent. These individuals are fully invested as both, but balancing their military and civilian lives requires some finesse at times. If you hold this dual role, it is imperative that you have a custody arrangement that reflects the unique and often uncertain aspects of military life.

Not every family lawyer is equipped to effectively handle child custody and support issues involving military families. Our attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience protecting the custody and visitation rights of service members and their spouses. Our law office is located in Grand Rapids, but we represent individuals in custody and support matters across west Michigan.

Military Parents Face Unique Custody Issues

Child custody in Michigan is determined under the best interests of the child standard set forth by the Michigan Child Custody Act. There are special concerns that can or should be addressed by your lawyer in a parenting plan. The following are only a few examples:

  • Visitation schedule that covers expected free time
  • Terms covering parenting time while on leave
  • Information concerning transportation expenses for visitation time while on leave

We also assist military families in matters involving alternative parenting plans for unexpected transfers or deployment and reintegration terms for when a military parent returns home after a long period of deployment.

Protection For Military Parents On Active Duty

If you are called into active duty, the MCCA prohibits a court from entering a final judgment that significantly affects your child custody rights when you are unable to participate in the proceedings. However, we can address issues on your behalf even if you are currently deployed overseas.

True Pay Matters In Child Support Determinations

Child support involving military families is calculated based on a formula much like in a civilian situation. It is the income determinations that involve very different pay and benefit structures. You need an attorney who fully understands leave and earnings statements (LES) and a service member's true pay. This particularly applies to housing allowances, salary enhancements and other special pay.

Representation That Accommodates Your Schedule

Kraayeveld Law Offices, P.C., accommodates the unique needs of military families. You can schedule a consultation with our attorneys to discuss your situation face to face, over the phone, via Skype or email.

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