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How We Differ

You found us on the Internet. You probably noticed that many attorneys claim expertise in handling parental alienation cases. Some of you have had the unfortunate experience to know that not every family law attorney can competently handle a parental alienation case including allegations of abuse.

So How Are We Different?

Experience. Our firm handled its first parental alienation case in 1997-1998. Our expert flew in from California; we conducted an eight-day trial, and successfully changed custody, and obtained a period of supervised parenting time and counseling for the alienating parent. Since our 1998 trial, we have handled an increasing amount of parental alienation cases, and we handle several trials or evidentiary hearings annually.

Experts. Although every case is different, nearly all parental alienation cases require the assistance of an expert. Sometimes it’s the child’s counselor; sometimes it’s a forensic expert; sometimes it’s a guardian ad litem; sometimes it’s the investigator. The selection of the right expert and the ability and experience to work with that expertise is key to success.

Team approach. The strength of our team lies in its team approach and experience. Besides having handled parental alienation cases since 1998, our team uses each attorney’s strengths and background, to successfully litigate each case. One of the attorneys on our team has experience as a therapist; one of our attorneys was employed for the state of Michigan and is very familiar with their procedures. Most importantly, our client is always part of our team. You know your case; you know your child; you know the other parent; we always want to litigate each case with our client’s involvement.

Costs. As unpleasant as this subject is, parental alienation cases are complex and costly. Many attorneys will request a low retainer to start the case, but then leave you without representation when the case has barely started. Such action is often more harmful than helpful. The attorneys at Kraayeveld Law will take the time to discuss with you a plan of action, the expected cost, and how you can help your own case to reduce fees.

Contact a Grand Rapids Parental Alienation Attorney Today 

Join us. If you are the targeted parent and your child is being alienated from you, we invite you to contact a Grand Rapids parental alienation lawyer at the Kraayeveld Law Offices for a conversation about how we can help you obtain long-term relief.