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Matthew F. Burns


I would recommend Matt to anyone other than any of my future wives! I wouldn't want to have to go against him!

Matt describes his passion for family law like his passion for hockey.  Matt played hockey while in high school and continued to play hockey at the collegiate level.  Matt explains that as a hockey player, there always was a lot of preparation, practice and planning for a three-hour public performance. As an attorney, Matt spends time thoroughly preparing his client and their case before any public performance, such as a hearing or a trial.  Just like a hockey game requires a team of supportive, cohesive players, Matt finds that his clients obtain excellent results due to the Kraayeveld Law team working together and preparing the case.  Matt wants his clients to be part of the team.

When Matt completed his undergraduate studies, he said goodbye to hockey and instead focused on his second great passion: the law.  Matt obtained a law degree from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School and graduated cum laude in 2011.  From the beginning of his career, Matt practiced family law exclusively.  Matt has a special concern for women, but also men, who were physically, verbally and emotionally abused.  Additionally, Matt is one of the few attorneys in West Michigan who specializes in forced marriages and annulments.  Matt is a member of the Forced Marriage Working Group of the Tahirih Justice Center.

In his free time, Matt is an adjunct professor at Davenport University because Matt wants to carry his passion for the law to the next generation.

Matt’s second passion in life, hockey, has not completely dissipated yet.  Matt has started assisting coaching his son’s hockey team to relax from the practice of law.  Matt is married and has two elementary school-aged children.


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