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Author: PaperStreet Web Design

What Does Your Relationship With Your In-Laws Mean for Your Marriage?


The saga of a UK woman who installed a gate on the side of her house to keep back an over-intrusive mother-in-law highlights the complicated role of relationships between spouses and each other’s parents. The anonymous woman recently won the backing of the internet masses after describing the situation on […]

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More Money, Fewer Problems: Study Shines Light on Income and Divorce


Money problems are at the center of many divorces, particularly at low-income levels. A new study shines a light on income and divorce and how more money means fewer problems.   Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles Divorce, and the RAND Corporation found that divorce rates for low-income workers […]

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What is Joint Custody?


There are a lot of different terms describing child custody and people often have different opinions about what each term means. A parent will often call us and claim that they “got full custody.” And then their friend really thinks that they really need full custody as well. But what […]

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