Message From Matt

Matt BurnsBesides my wife and children, I have two passions in my life: being an attorney and playing hockey. The effort I put in as an attorney is much like the effort I put in to become a hockey player at the collegiate level. There is a lot of preparation, practice and planning for a three-hour public performance. Hockey players and attorneys excel when they have a supportive and excellent team behind them. Every day brings a new scenario, challenge or case that allows me to work with our experienced and knowledgeable team at Kraayeveld Law Offices, P.C., to help our clients through the most difficult times in their lives and leave our services feeling as though they had the best representation possible. With each new case, there is a different judge, fact pattern and opponent; and it is like a new season with each new client who walks through the door. If you are having a legal problem, I invite you to join our team and allow me to represent you with the same preparation, practice and planning as I did while playing hockey.