What Our Clients Say

By hiring Kraayeveld Law Offices, P.C., I have 100% physical custody of my children, 50% legal custody, awarded my rightful child support, along with almost half of my attorney, and expert witness costs. When I was too emotional to think logically, Jim, Corrine, and Cathy guided me through my Personal Protection Order, Restraining Order, separation agreement, final divorce decree, child custody, and child support agreement. For these reasons I recommend Jim Kraayeveld Law, and I am so thankful to Jim, Corrine, and Cathy.
Amy, a divorce client

Jim and his Team were quick and helpful to answer questions throughout the divorce process along with being clear on what to expect. Even though Jim was working in a county that he had not worked in before, he handled himself confidently. It was also a blessing to know that there is a Christian believer in this type of work who will fight for what's right and best for the situation.
Aaron, a divorce client

I've known Jim Kraayeveld for many years and he has always been to the point, honest, and compassionate. Always a pleasure to speak with and he really knows what he is doing in the courtroom too. Jim has continued to support my case throughout years of frivolous litigation by my ex-wife.
Scott, a child custody client