Protecting Your Property Rights In A Michigan Divorce

Our lawyers are experienced in handling complex marital property division issues in divorce. Our experience in valuing businesses, retirement accounts, real estate and other assets also allows us to advocate for you effectively in property division settlements. We also fiercely litigate separate versus marital property rights when necessary.

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In Michigan, all property that is marital property or commingled property is to be divided fairly, based on need, contribution to the marriage and various other factors. If separate property is in fact kept separate throughout the marriage, it might not be subject to division.

The following are examples of the property issues our lawyers handle:

  • Evaluating separate vs. marital property
  • Division of debts
  • Personal property appraisals
  • Real estate appraisals
  • Valuation of business interests
  • Evaluating family business ownership interests
  • Valuation of professional licenses
  • Evaluating retirement funds and investment funds
  • Valuation of stock options

Our lawyers recognize the unique issues in high-income and high-asset divorces. Whether you are the primary income earner or not, it is absolutely paramount that your rights and interests are protected by a tenacious attorney in complex property divisions. To help you obtain your entitled share of property, we will consult the experts necessary to accurately value or appraise substantial assets, including:

Providing Proactive And Experienced Property Division Assistance

As an experienced family law firm, we are able to help clients evaluate property issues and determine what is separate or marital. Additionally, we offer advice to clients with how to ensure property is kept separate in anticipation of divorce.

By consulting with tax planners, financial planners, business counselors, CPAs and other professionals as appropriate, we are able to counsel clients on how to effectively invest and manage wealth acquired through property division.

For More Information About Your Property Rights In Divorce

Our lawyers are here to protect your separate property and obtain your equitable share of marital property. Call 616-426-9644 to schedule an appointment.